A VERY well deserved athlete of the month!  Danny has made MANY MANY gains over his length of time with us.  It doesn't come at an easy price though; he works his butt of in here every single day.  We have had nominations on top of nominations for this guy.  Keep up the good work Danny! 

"I vote for Danny. Us good old boys have got to stay together"

"I would like to nominate Danny Chandler for athlete of the month.  He is always working on his weaknesses, is always encouraging others and willing to help others with putting up their equipment.  And, he is constantly working hard and takes all advice/instruction seriously.  He also isn't afraid to ask for help and advice when working on different olympic lifts and other weightlifting movements."

"I vote for Danny.  He doesn't care about trying to do RX'd weights, he always does a weight that he knows he can handle. To me, that means more than someone who does RX'd weight when they aren't ready for it  He knows his limits and he doesn't push past that limit (unless it's deadlifting).  Yes, he can be stubborn, but if you've ever met his wife, he learns from the best! haha" 

"I want to nominate Danny as athlete of the month.  He's always friendly, works his ass off, and shows up!"

On top of everything else, Danny is always willing to lend a hand; no matter what is involves.  He's just an all around good guy.  We are very lucky to have Danny as a part of our CrossFit Warrenton team.  He always offers to swifter up any sweat; fixed our toilet at the old place, lends a friendly hand to anyone who needs it during class. On a more personal note: If you guys know anything about where we live, we ALWAYS lose electricity and Danny is ALWAYS the first person to offer us his home when our power goes out.  I mean anyone willing to deal with us is brave, but he does it without hesitation.  What a great dude; both in and out of the gym.  That's what makes you such a special guy.   Keep up the good work both on and off the "field" Danny.  

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