Friday 3-9-2012

There will be NO GORUCK training this weekend.  Don't forget to turn your clocks ahead 1 hour on Sunday morning.

APRIL 14th:  Attention anyone wishing for a free entry into The Primal Mud Run on April 14th.  You do NOT have to be a CrossFit member to volunteer your services for a free admission to the race.  We currently have 5 volunteers, but we need 10 more.   If you're interested please contact me by email  Take advantage of this spectacular offer guys!

May 5th: We will be hosting a Gymnastics Seminar at the CrossFit location in Warrenton on May 5th (Saturday) from 9am-1pm.  The clinic will be taught by Mike Polifko, a local Warrentonian who is a professional member of USA Gymnastics. The cost is $100/athlete. Please email me if you're interested in attending:

Specifically, the clinic will focus on the following skills:

  • Muscle Up

    • Prerequisite drills necessary to complete the actual skill
    • Unique ways to scale the muscle up to allow for proper technique to be trained without losing the true “feeling” of the skill
    • Step by step benchmarks
    • Advanced positions possible after a muscle up is completed

      • Back Levers: tucked, straddled, piked, horizontal
      • Planche:  tucked, straddled, piked, horizontal

    • “Kipping” techniques
    • Proper Grip technique on the ring itself

  • Handstands

    • Static Handstands
    • Walking Handstands
    • Proper shoulder angle and spinal position
    • Tips and tricks used by elite gymnasts
    • Rolling techniques into and out of a handstand for safety considerations
    • Variations of the handstand for more advanced athletes

  • Pull Ups

    • “Kipping” Pull Ups

      • Common Timing and Coordination errors
      • Explanation of “tap” technique used within the gymnastics community

    • “Butterfly Pull Ups

      • Common Timing and Coordination errors
      • Increase speed and efficiency

    • Advanced Pull Up Variations

      • “Kips”

        • Gymnastics terminology versus CF terminology

      • Muscle Ups on Bars

        • Same thing as on Rings….but harder

      • Pull Overs
      • Pendulums
      • German Hangs, a.k.a. “Skin the Cat”
      • Back levers

What will be brought for your benefit:

  • Instant video replay device:

    • Video replay will be available for every single athlete allowing frame by frame analysis of movements to pin point mistakes and technique errors

Work on kipping pullup form
1' Burpees
1' Front Squats (65/40)
1' Jump Squats
1' Jumping Pullups
1' Hang Cleans (65/40)
1' Rest
3 rounds

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