Friday - April 18th, 2014

Be sure to vote on a t-shirt SLOGAN by April 20th...this help us determine who will win the new shirts that we will be sporting this spring/summer 2014! Vote by commenting on this post with the one you like...(it's also not too late to add your own)... Lets do this!

Ok CrossFit War, we are having a t-shirt slogan contest...We want to order more T-shirts, but want something other than just our logo on the shirt...we want a SLOGAN! Preferably something funny! Maybe something only we would understand? But the options are endless, so put your thinking caps on and send me your best T-shirt slogan ideas by no later than April 20th. The winner will receive a free tshirt of their slogan. 3-2-1 GO!

CrossFit Warrenton Ask your doctor if getting off your ass is right for you! -Crossfit
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Chelsea Tippett If I my time
Like · Reply · 19 · April 2 at 2:40pm

Jasmine Slagle Kennedy Buck Furpees
Like · Reply · 7 · April 2 at 2:56pm

Lacy Grant They Gave Me Burpees
Like · Reply · 4 · April 2 at 3:30pm

Michael Duff CROSSFIT - Where being fast doesn't make women angry
Unlike · Reply · 2 · April 2 at 9:45pm

Mike Tiff Houston Where blowing your WOD isn't bad.
Like · Reply · 3 · April 2 at 5:53pm

Crystal Willis "You can cry; just don't be a baby" - CROSSFIT
Like · Reply · 3 · April 2 at 2:30pm

Kelly Estes Innocenzi Walk in....crawl out
Like · Reply · 2 · April 2 at 9:49pm

Mike Tiff Houston Crossfit War.....Family Strong
Like · Reply · 2 · April 2 at 7:26pm

Chris Rector We know you know where it is...
Chris Rector's photo.
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Mike Tiff Houston Where you perfect your snatch and jerk.
Like · Reply · 2 · April 2 at 5:51pm

Laura Hess Baltagi Beware of the weighted vest LOL
Like · Reply · 2 · April 2 at 5:41pm

Beth Lutskus Lehman Today...I will kill it!
Like · Reply · 2 · April 2 at 3:38pm

Eric Diez "You can be a baby, just make sure to vacuum up the goldfish."
Like · Reply · 2 · April 2 at 3:01pm

Tuan Nguyen In war there is no substitute for victory.
-Douglas MacArthur
Like · Reply · 2 · April 2 at 2:39pm

Kelly Estes Innocenzi Don't use machines Become one
Like · Reply · 1 · April 2 at 10:06pm

Laura Hess Baltagi Watch me rock this WOD!
Like · Reply · 1 · April 2 at 7:25pm

Mike Tiff Houston Where the weak and fluffy get STRONG!
Like · Reply · 1 · April 2 at 6:03pm

J.b. Tippett Keep Calm and Crossfit On
Unlike · Reply · 1 · April 2 at 4:19pm

Beth Lutskus Lehman "CrossFit Warrenton - Get to work!"
Like · Reply · 1 · April 2 at 3:59pm

Jasmine Slagle Kennedy I love Froning! Or maybe mine can just say that!
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Suzanne Levy Just lift it!
Unlike · Reply · 1 · April 2 at 2:51pm

Brad Wymbs Death by burpee.
Like · Reply · 1 · April 2 at 2:35pm

Kelly Estes Innocenzi Whatever life throws at you put it on a bar and press it
Like · Reply · April 3 at 12:16pm

Vicki Bruno Johnston Become a Bad Ass @ Crossfit WAR
Like · Reply · April 2 at 10:45pm

Michael Duff "how about 4 rounds instead of 6. Ok I'll compromise and do 5"
Like · Reply · April 2 at 9:41pm

Tuan Nguyen "Do work" -Justin Willis
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Mendy Houston Woodward Perfecting snatches and jerks!!
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Mendy Houston Woodward I posted this elsewhere but here it goes again: squatting, snatching, lunging, and jerking make for a perfect WOD!
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Mike Tiff Houston Suck it up Buttercup
Like · Reply · April 2 at 5:12pm

Brooke Miller CrossFit Legit!
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Dawn Mauck Hahahaha I love Chelsea Tippett's
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Landmine: 10e Reverse Lunge into opp. arm Press

3e Turkish Getups

20e Uni Leg Opp. Hand KB Deadlift (same wt. Getups)

3 rounds


800m Run

5e DB/KB Snatch

10 Goblet Squats (using same DB/KB)

400m Run

10e DB/KB Snatch

20 Goblet Squats (using same DB/KB)

200m Run (Hill Sprint)

15e DB/KB Snatch

30 Goblet Squats (using same DB/KB)

for time

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