Monday-February 17, 2014

 We will be introducing "Athlete of the Month" starting on March 1st and every month thereafter.  It will be based on multiple factors and it's not just who can lift the most, or who does the best in the workouts.  Matter of fact those are just small factors. We want to make this fair to everyone who steps foot inside the door.  The main thing we are looking for is NOMINATIONS on their behalf.  Who do you think deserves to be athlete of the month and WHY?  So a majority of this is up to you guys.  If we get multiple nominations, which I'm sure we will, all of the trainers will get together and make a decision for there.  Factors to consider, but not limited to: willingness to help others, come early to class/stay after to work on movements, friendly, gives 100% when they are in here, respects trainers/other people in class, great attitude, leaves ego at the door, performing movements that they once weren't able to do, improvements in any areas, encouraging to others, gives it their all and doesn't just walk thru the motions, and anything else that really sticks out to you about a particular person. Please send all nominations to   by the end to the week.  As far as the other months, please send nominations no later than 5 days before the end of the month.   Thanks guys!  


Wendler (play catch up)


Work on Muscle Ups or Toes to Bar


6 STRICT Shoulder Press (absolutely NO legs) (95/65)

16 Front Squats (95/65)

x6 Rounds 

**For every time you have to put the bar down, you have 5 STRICT pull-ups at the end of the workout**

Your score is the time that it took you to do the workout BEFORE your pull-ups.  As well as how many Pullups you had to do. (Example: You finish the 6rounds in 9:56 but since you had to rest 6 times, you have 30 STRICT pull-ups)

KEEP IN MIND!  If the weight above it too light or too heavy, modify accordingly.  If you go too light though, you won't feel like you did much.  Obviously the strict shoulder press is going to be the harder of the 2 movements as far as the weight goes. 

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