March Athlete of the Month: Quentin Jones.  He was nominated by several people. Even though he is the Fauquier High School Track AND Cross Country coach (and a teacher), and much of his athleticism comes natural, it takes a lot of determination to get his ass out of bed at 4am to make it to the 430am class during the week.  He comes in EVERY weekday except for one (unless there is a Justin Timberlake or Maroon 5 concert). 

"He always makes me feel good about myself.  He offers words of encouragement during and after a WOD. He gives me pointers that have helped me a lot. He is not someone I strive to compete with or someone who's weight I look to match, but I do strive to follow his example to always give it your all and in the process to take time to help those around you and be positive even at 430am" -anonymous 1

"I've never met him, but I watch his times/scores/weights and how often he comes in and he is very consistent at the worst hour of the day (at least for me).  I give him props for prying his ass out of bed at that time, let alone perform as well as he does at that hour.  One day I will make it to the 430am, not to say I worked out at that time, but to meet him".  -Anonymous 2

"Quentin is an animal" -Anonymous 3

"Can't wait till he grows his hair out again" -Justin (sorry I had to throw this one in there to add a little comic relief)

"I come in every day and secretly compete against Quentin.  I try to match his weights and beat his time.  For the most part I fail, but I try to keep up with him!!  He's my inspiration" -Anonymous 4

He is and always has been just an all around GREAT PERSON.  Superman/Clark Kent/Quentin/Jonesy Bonesy or whatever you want to call him, he's always just a great person.  Never seen him in a bad mood or have a negative attitude; always positive.  That in itself is inspiring.  He does a LOT for the community as well: track camps, kids fun runs, volunteers, etc. He's one of the busiest people I know and still has time to take care of himself by CrossFitting.  Just a perfect example of if you want to work out bad enough; you will FIND the time.  We often here, "we just don't have the time".  You will only have time if you WANT it bad enough.  Well, Quentin is a perfect example of this. He could find a million excuses why NOT to come in to the gym due to his schedule and I'd say "that's a legitimate excuse" but NOPE!  (except for the days after his concerts)...

One thing I forgot to add is that he is 45 years old with a wife and two kids at home.  If Quentin can do it, ANYONE can do it!  Keep up the great work "Q", and if you didn't already know, a lot of people look up to you!  Even the youngsters!  If anyone has anything else to say about Quentin come to the 430am class and give him a high five!

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