Thursday 2-17-2011

High of 68 today guys! Expect the garage door to be open tonight (at least for the first 2 classes).

Check out the discussion board on CrossFit main site regarding; "what part of my shoulder hurts".


Wendler: Shoulder Press and Deadlift


15 Burpees

5e Lateral Box Jumps (24''/20'')

15 Ring Dips

50 AbMat Situps

5 rounds for time

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1. jake mcnemar wrote:
"My shoulder hurts" I read the discussion and heres my view: The particular individual has A LOT of flexibility in their shoulder (they can sublux on command). Flexibility is usually a good thing for injury prevention, but not at extreme levels. Doing weighted pull-ups or other extreme movements under load bearing should be done very cautiously. All of the surrounding muscles/ ligaments/ and the labrum could be injured very easily from this subluxation movement as there is a lot of stress placed on them under anything more than body weight conditions. Being that this person has extreme joint mobility (only in shoulder?) probably explains their lack of strength gains (for shoulder press). Overly elastic connective tissues will not respond the same way under load bearing conditions therefor gains will be tougher to come by. This person also experienced problems with their right shoulder (AC joint surgery). SOUNDS like it was done to repair a previous injury OR could be to relieve constant irritation with the supraspinatus tendon. Regardless, there is an injury history there that they didnt go far enough into and it would be interesting to hear more about to come to a better conclusion. Even if it is the opposite shoulder. IN CONCLUSION: There are only a few things you can injure in the shoulder and most of them have to do with the stability of the joint. The shoulder is by far the weakest joint in our bodies from a stability standpoint. It is held together by 3 small articulations and for the most part is largely free floating (held together by tendons and ligaments. So we can narrow this down easily by determining first if it is acute or chronic... This is an acute injury (he knew exactly when it happened and what did it). I would be willing to bet it is not tendinitis which falls in the chronic side of things (although overuse/overtraining could have weakened the joint prior to the weighted pull-ups). But thats speculating. The injury is PROBABLY a muscle strain/tear of one of the rotator cuff muscles. Localized pain (hurts to touch) would suggest good bit of damage has occurred. He has had problems with his AC joint before and would have recognized that same problem if it occurred. So its probably not anything to do with that particular joint. REST, ICE, LOW e-stim (we dont want the muscles to over contract and cause more injury). Basically treat signs and symptoms until it becomes clear of what the problem is or the injury heals. MRI's are expensive but if he really wants to know, thats the way to go. This guy is predisposed to injuries under load bearing exercise (especially in the shoulder which is already an unstable joint). He needs to scale back and be happy with small goals and minimal gains. Im sure he excels at other aspects of focus on those and like we all have to...realize your limitations (WHICH SUCKS!)* *Hows that for ending a dissertation, haha!

Thu, February 17, 2011 @ 4:18 PM

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