Thursday 2-24-2011

Are aches and pains keeping you away?

Your training has to be big if you want to reach your goal.  Whether it is getting bigger, decreasing your Fran time or losing weight. You won't get results by not even breaking a sweat.If you want to see real results, you have to overload those muscles with heavy weights and/or high intensity. Muscles grow due to a natural adaptive survival response, and if you don't give them a damn good reason to respond, well, they won't. To avoid injury while doing so here are 5 critical point you must be sure to follow:

1.Your warm up must be thorough. Increase blood flow to your joints and connective tissue to lube up the joint.  This is why we focus on the functional stretching and then do Skill/Strength before the WOD. Getting loose is good.

2. FORM FORM FORM. Once you get tired and your form gets sloppy and you can FEEL it or because we're yelling at you to (use your hips, big chest, butt down) correct it; or  your chances of getting hurt will sky rocket.  Just because the guy next to you is about to "catch" you; don't risk injury because you want to beat him.  Gains are about your own personal goals, not the guy next to you. With the being said, brings up to our next point.

3. Do not train beyond personal limits. Know your limits; stay within them; maintain proper form.  Weightlifting is a personal battle and what others are doing is irrelevant.

4. Know when to rest or quit. If you can't do another rep using proper form, your set there is finished. Either drop the load or stop. No if, ands, or buts.  If you do a lot of body jerking motions to bust out a couple more reps, you'll be sidelined before you know it. Plain and simple, BE SMART!

5.Pay attention to aches and pain. When you're making progress week to week the thought of taking a few days off seems impossible. We sometimes choose to ignore "aches" and work through it, in hopes that it will disappear.  You do not have to stop coming to the gym, we do not encourage this, but try to avoid whatever exacerbates the pain.

Work on 3 month Goals

HandStand Pushups
Floor to Overhead (95/135)
Bar Jumps


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