Thursday - March 6th, 2014

The Whole 30 Lifestyle: Who's in?  There is a group of at least 15 people starting the Whole 30 Lifestyle this upcoming Monday, March 10th.  Some people call it a diet, some people call it a new, healthier lifestyle. I agree that both of these are true.  In a nutshell, the Whole 30 concept is to change your body to function on FAT, not the EVIL SUGAR.  Steph and Hannah basically live by this lifestyle.  Nicki just started 15 days ago and has dropped 9lb (that's a lot of weight for someone who is small to begin with). But it's not even about the weight.  Read below to see what she says about how she FEELS.

We will ALL need support during this month long journey (and some may plan to do it longer) so we are in  it together to help each other.  Ask questions, share recipes, words of wisdom, ANYTHING!  

I asked Nicki what the biggest benefit was for her since starting this new healthy eating:"ENERGY! No headaches. No insomnia. And my body is already looking leaner after 15 days! I won't focus on the weightless in pounds bc I hope to actually switch the fat burning to increase muscle tone. Some people get so hung up on the scale they loose focus of the other health benefits"

Hannah: "Besides looking better and performing better, I rarely get sick now.   And when I do get sick my body can fight it off much more quickly".  


30 reasons to Whole 30

Who else is in?  Let's do this guys/gals!!! Anyone wanting to go "grocery shopping" lets all meet up at the gym after the 5pm class this upcoming Friday, March 7th and Steph will bring everyone and show us what we can buy.  Thank you Steph!  She will answer any questions that you guys have at that time as well! She's an endless book of answers when it comes to nutrition! Whoever wants to go will show up!  Let's do this!


Muscle Ups/MU Progressions

30e Belly Taps

30 V-Ups

x3 rounds (or until the start of the WOD)

WOD "this was yesterdays main site WOD"

5 Rope Climbs

25 Ring Dips

100 Air Squats

x3 Rounds for time

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