Thursday September 12, 2013

So far turnout has been good, we like that you "athletes" are staying towork on things after class.  But still people fail to clean up after themselves.  Make sure you clean up whatever you were working on.  Do not just leave it for the next person.  Today I found 5 abmats out that were used by people working on handstand pushups.  In conclusion, clean up people, make it easy for other to find things when they need them. Now the last couple of thigns for the day, be sure you take your time and do the full warmup.  It is imperative that you get your body ready to move.  

Finally, don't forget that Mechanics-Technique-Intensity is the progression.  Your form is the most important thing.  If your form is bad, you have absolutely no reason to go heavier or faster.  All you are doing is rolling the dice on an injury.  Lighen it up and work on doing it perfect, or near perfect before you make go heavier or faster.  Skill/Strength is the ideal time to work on your form.  So use it as just that. Trying something different during a workout is the wrong time.  When you are completing the WOD your form can get "sketchy" so if you are attempting a new weight, the results can be disastrous.  Use skill/strength to perfect that movement, so that you know in advance you can do the weight you are attempting.  The recurring motto at all CrossFit gyms, that pertains to this issue is, "LEAVE YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR".  Don't do something dangerous just to match up with someone else.  Your safety and continued success is one of your main priorities.  Push hard, safely, so that you can continue to WOD.



Hang Power Snatch 5-5-5-5 (start very light and work your way up, get someone to watch how the bar travels, and make sure it goes in a straight to overhead) if new do hang power cleans

recovery: watch other people's form


2 Rope Climbs/ 8 Rope Walks

30 Pushups

50 Airsquats

4 rounds for time (25' CAP, yet again, so that you knuckleheads don't overtrain)

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1. Nicki wrote:
Yeah, don't be a Nicki, listen to your body, don't over train! Rest days are good days! Can't agree more with this post as I face the knife because of an over-use injury! Love you guys! 3,2,1 Get some!

Thu, September 12, 2013 @ 7:04 PM

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