I grew up always involved in sports–lots of soccer, some gymnastics, and then martial arts. It kept me active and in shape and I never really had to “plan” to work out. Once I hit college I suddenly was no longer in sports and began having to plan to work out. I didn’t like just working out on my own so I found myself doing hours of group classes at whatever local gym was around where I lived. The classes were never challenging enough and got insanely repetitive. Then I tried a “crossfit” type class at the globo gym I was a member of and that was the most challenging class I’d done. So I decided to look up actual crossfit and found Crossfit Warrenton online. A little over two years ago I stopped in for a class and have been hooked ever since. Every day is a different workout. There’s always new skills to learn and develop. There’s challenge and competition and an amazing gym family and friends atmosphere. I went from showing up and spending hours getting a mediocre workout to getting crushed in 15 minutes. I’ve seen a lot of improvement in my body composition–more than I ever did in all my years of working out before. Crossfit is an awesome workout that can be tailored for anybody, any age, any skill level. I’m blessed to be a part of a great group of people and look forward to continuing to improve in all aspects of this sport. 

CrossFit Level 1