I attended West Virginia University where I walked onto their baseball team the fall of my freshman year.  There my training truly began.  I learned about the olympic lifts, periodization, and got started in functional training.  After WVU, I employed much of what I experienced and learned when I started working for Explosive Performance. They are, in my opinion, the Northern VA leader in Speed and Agility training.  I spent 4 and a half years with them before moving on and starting up a program of my own.  This lead to Crystal and I starting CrossFit Warrenton.

I got my start in CrossFit by a websurfing accident.  Looking for kettlebell movements I stumbled across a workout titled “Nasty Girls“.  I’ll admit, the name had me interested, I was expecting the complete opposite of what was discovered.  3 sold females doing a workout that seemed pretty simple to complete.  Boy was I wrong, i failed miserably.  My squats weren’t as deep, my cleans were not as smooth, and don’t get me started on the Muscle Ups.  So after my 10+ years of being a personal trainer, speed coach, and strength coach, I changed my training style completely.  No more “overtraining” from the same repititive movements, let’s make it moe functional with constantly varied movements that actually have real life adaptations.  That’s my main bio, CrossFit works and I fell in love.  The rest is just simply history, and I learn from the past not dwell on it.

  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Mobility
  • CrossFit Football
  • Catalyst Athletics Weightlifting Level 2 Coach
  • SPARQ (NIKE) Performance Trainer
  • NSPA Certified Conditioning Specialist
  • AKC Kettlebell Coach
  • Firefighter 1 & 2
  • VA EMT P