I first found CrossFit online doing some research for everyday workout programs.  I tried CrossFit for the first time in 2012 and found what would change everything about fitness for me.  I loved CrossFit from the moment I did that first WOD, and have not looked back.  I like the fact I didn’t have to ‘think’ about what I was going to do each day; it was there for me on the whiteboard.  After trying to do CrossFit on my own, I decided to join WAR in 2013.  In March 2015 I decided to get my Level 1 Certification primarily to improve my form and get better in all aspects.  Fortunately, Crystal and Justin asked me if I’d be interested in training at WAR and I took the opportunity.  I look forward to helping people get healthy.  remember, the whole point is to get fit and have fun… Who doesn’t what to do that.

CrossFit Level 1