CrossFit Warrenton – CrossFit

Shoulderssss (No Measure)

10e Tube Pullovers

10 Walkouts

1′ Shoulder Smash on wall

2′ Inner Thigh Stretch on Wall

1’each Hip CO Stretch

10e For-Rev Leg Swings

1′ Pec Stretch on Rig

3-Position Power Clean (15’ to work up to a heavy complex )


The 3-Positions

The 3 positions on the power clean are: the pockets, 1 inch above knees, and the floor.

1. The goal of the 3-position power clean, like the rower, is to breakdown the clean into checkpoints. Athletes can look to pass through these checkpoints on each rep. We can think about one little thing with each position.

1. Pockets: Being the highest position on the body, we have to be fast with the hips to get underneath the bar, especially at the heavier weights.

2. Above the Knees: This is where we can think about pressing the bar against the body. The closer the weight is, the better control you have.

3. Floor: Be patient off the floor. Treat the knees like speed bumps. You can only go fast once you’re past them.
Coach will walk you through this as a class a few times first to make sure everyone knows what is expected regarding form/technique!

August 14, 2019 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


Hanging Knee Raises

Thrusters (65/45)

*Hill Sprint after each movement



Toes to Bar

Thrusters (95/65)