The Power Clean and Squat Clean are 2 different movements. Some people can’t get into a full squat, so they will stick with power cleans. If you want to find both PC and SQT Clean, feel free to; you have 15’ TOTAL, to find both. Remember do NOT yank the bar off the ground: slow to the knees and then accelerate speed of bar starting when bar is at the knees…

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Work on KIPPING Pullup Form (or T2B) (No Measure)

If you’ve got the kip, work on STRICT pullups/weighted STRICT Pullups or MU swing with pull low ribs.

Compare to: Oct 10, 2017 (Time)

Hill Sprint

30 Air Squats


Rest 2′

15 Kettlebell Swings (53/35)

15 HandStand Pushups (Rx is head to GROUND) (DB PushPress as the Modification (30/20)- or pad up your HSPU as much as necessary)


Rest 2′

30 Back Ext

30 Pushups