CrossFit Warrenton – CrossFit

Warmup MOVING MOVING 2020 (No Measure)

30 Seconds Each:

Single Unders

Active Spidermans

Glute Bridges

Single Unders

Frog Hops

Single Leg Glute Bridge (30 Seconds Each Side)

Single Unders

Slow Burpees

Glute Bridge Walkouts

1′ Front Rack Stretch

:30e Wrist Stretches

Pausing Power Clean (15′ to build to a Heavy/BEAUTIFUL Set of 2 reps)

-You’ll have 15 minutes to build to a heavy, but good looking, set of 2

-The 2 reps do not have to be completed touch and go, as the priority is quality over speed

-The pauses take places for 2 seconds at knee level and in the receiving position of the power clean

“Zoolander” Jan 7th, 2020 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


50 Single Jump Ropes

10 Power Cleans (95/65)

50 Single Jumps Ropes

10 Burpees over Bar

R+ 30 DUs and PC(155/105)