This is intended to be a FULL OUT sprint, where you should NEED the 2:30 to rest. If you don’t feel like you’re pushing that hard to need the 2:30 rest, then you need to go faster/harder.

CrossFit Warrenton – CrossFit

Active Warmup (No Measure)

10 Cal Assault (20 Airdyne)

10 For-Back Bends

10e Dynamic Spider Stretch

10 Cal Assault (20 Airdyne)

1 Inchworm (down AND back)

20 Jumping Jack Squats

Feb 17th 2020 “TRUE ASSAULT FROM BIKE” (5 Rounds for calories)

:30 SPRINT (Full sprint)

2:30 REST

Record the calories that are shown on screen RIGHT AT the :30 mark…no rollover calories count

February 17, 2020 “Busta Thrust” (Time)


DB Thrusters (RIGHT arm) (30/20)

AbMat Sit-ups

DB Thrusters (LEFT arm) (30/20)

AbMat Sit-up

Burpees over Dumbbell
R+ anything heavier + 1 round of GHDs in place of sit-ups each round

R++ 50/35 and GHDs