However long you are able to hold the hollow rock will count toward reps. If you hold the full :40 you get 40 reps! If you rest for :10 you get 30 reps that round. Keep your low back DOWN to prevent back pain. Lift your legs a bit higher if you must. It’s hard as hell!! Good luck!

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ROMWOD through Zoom (AMRAP – Reps)

Join us, virtually for ROM WOD!

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Topic: CrossFit War ROM-WOD

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“AT HOME” April 4, 2020 -Steady Betty (4 Rounds for reps)

4 Rounds (20 Minutes Total):

:40 Seconds Weighted Hollow Hold

:20 Seconds Rest

:40 Seconds Romanian Deadlifts

:20 Seconds Rest

:40 Seconds Single Arm Overhead Squat Hold (L)

:20 Seconds Rest

:40 Seconds Single Arm Overhead Squat Hold (R)

1:20 Rest Between Rounds

* Completed With a Dumbbell or Back Pack/Odd Object