40’ CAP…spend 3’ MAX on the the rower each time or you will for sure not finish. Drop the row down to 20cals each round if necessary. Deadlifts are LIGHT so be sure not to pull too fast from the ground!

CrossFit Warrenton – CrossFit

Warmups Lats/Arms (No Measure)

Lat Stretch on Rig (:30 each side)

30 Air Squats

Childs Pose 1′

5 Walkouts with Pushup

Spiral Stretch 1′ each side

Hammy Stretch on Rig

Jennifer (AMRAP – Rounds)

26 Minute AMRAP:

10 pull-ups

15 kettlebell swings, 1.5 pood

20 box jumps, 24-inch box
Canadian 1st Class Constable Jennifer Kovach of Guelph, Canada, died March 14, 2013
To learn more about Jennifer click here

12’ EMOM Ring/slam/Russian (AMRAP – Reps)

EMOM 12’

:30 Ring Hold

20 Slams (25/15)

30e Russian Twists (no weight)

*alternate/change through the exercises each minute. (4 times through)

*you earn 1 rep for each minute all reps are complete. Max score is 12.