CrossFit Warrenton – CrossFit

Warmup (DBs/Lunge/Machine) (No Measure)


1′ EASY Machine

5 Double DB Burpee Deadlift (light weight)

5 Double DB Snatch (light weight)

5e Step-back lunges


1 set

1′ Row (workout pace)

5 Devils Press (light weight)

5e Walking DB Lunge

Jan 29, 2021 “Come A Little Bit Closer” (Time)

1000/800m Row (OR 1000/800m Ski)

50 Devils Press (40s/30s)

65 DB Front Rack Lunge Steps (40s/30s)
Target time: 12-14′

Time cap: 20′

OPT 1: (Masters 45+)



Opt 2:

800m/600m Row

30 Devils Press (20s/10s)

50 Box Step Ups


50 V-up (Accessory Work) on you own (No Measure)

50 V-ups (alternate if you must)

*just be sure to keep your low back plastered to the ground throughout the entire movement.