CrossFit Warrenton – CrossFit

8′ Partner AMRAP Warmup (No Measure)

8 min Partner AMRAP

15 sec bike (you go – I go) x 2

5 synchro tempo air squats (3 sec down – 2 sec hold – fast up)

10 Dynamic Squat Stretch

Feb 24, 2021 Partner WOD “Flying V” (Time)

175/130 Cal Bike

125 Synchro Air Squats

* Split Bike calories as needed *

R+ 200/160

Target time: 13-15 minutes

Time cap: 20 minutes

Accessory (on your own if time left in class) Bench Press/Rows/Curls/Tricep Kickbacks/V-Ups (No Measure)

10 Bench Press (build to a moderate weight – perform all sets at the same weight – controlled up and down) (DB’s are ALWAYS safer than the barbell for Bench Press)

12 body weight rows – bar on rig



10e Alt DB curls

10e DB tricep kickbacks on bench

15 v-ups



Body Weight Rows:

DB Bicep Curls (ughhhh):

Tricep Kickbacks: