You will do one or the other today. You can choose to do either the WOD or focus on strength: MAXing out on your Power Snatch, Squat Snatch, and Clean & Jerk. If you choose to do the WOD, and still plenty of time left in class, you can choose to work on one of the lift (but you will not have time for all 3).

CrossFit Warrenton – CrossFit

8’: Warm-up (No Measure)


:30 Jump Rope

3 Hang Clean

3 Shoulder to Overhead

:30 Ski Erg

5 Wall facing Squats (arms straight up and touching wall

on way down, pulling hands off wall at the bottom and on way up)

July 9, 2021 “Red White & Blue” (Time)


45 Double Unders

15 Hang Clean and Jerk (65/45)

45 Walking Lunge Steps



100 Single 

12 Alt DB Hang Clean and Jerk (light)

20 Alt Box Step Ups


60 Double Unders

15 Hang Clean and Jerk (95/65 or heavier)

60 Walking Lunge Steps


Clean and Jerk (MAX out day)

Clean (Added in case you nail the CLEAN but miss JERK))

Power Snatch (MAX out day)

You can choose to power OR squat snatch (or both if you’d like and if time permits).

Squat Snatch (MAX out day)