CrossFit Warrenton – CrossFit


Functional Warmup MOVEMENT (No Measure)

Tip Toes Down

Heels Back

Knee to Chest Down

High Knees Back

SLOW Butt Kick Down

Fast Butt Kick Back

Frankenstein Down

Hopping Frankenstein Back

Side Shuffle Down and Back x2

Jog Down and Back x2

Skills Drill: HSW 2 Shoulder Taps

Spend 10:00 (or 5 sets whichever comes first)


4-8 Shoulder Taps (total) + 5-10 Side Shuffle Steps (each direction)

3 Kick up to Handstand + Forward Roll


4-8 Forearm Taps (total) + 4-8 Side Shuffle Steps (each direction)

3 Headstand + Forward Roll


4-8 Box Shoulder Taps (total) + 5-10 Box Side Shuffle Steps (each direction) or 1 Around the World (both ways)

3 Forward Rolls

* This is skill work and the main focus is stability and finesse in the roll. Take this slow and steady. *

Oct 29, 2021 “Eeyore” (10 Rounds for time)


Every 3:00 (10 sets)

9 lengths Shuttle SPRINT( turn around completely and tap BOTH hands behind cones before you sprint back)


Every 3:00 (10 sets)

13 Lengths Shuttle SPRINT

(Turn your body around be both hands tap ground behind cones before sprinting back)


Bike for 30:00 steady pace (for Cals)


12/8 Cal Bike Sprint (10 sets) (Every 3:00)


* Target time: 30-40 secs

* Time cap: 55 secs