What you put into your body is just as important and was you put your body through.  If anyone has told you otherwise, they need to get slapped.  It’s as simple as that!!!  Your body is a complex engine, that needs fuel to function, and for the fluids to be properly maintained.  The only way those can get into your body (not including injection), is by means of your mouth.  Your body isn’t going to be replaced in 8-12 years, so you don’t want to put that 87 Octane in that engine.  Put the good stuff in it and see how much better the performance is. 

Now there are tons of fad diets and eating programs out there, that will make you dump a ton of weight immediately.  The real questions you should ask yourself, is will this weight stay off, and what is the impact this diet is having on my body.  More than likely that 20 pound loss in 2 weeks was not healthy, and you are going to see that weight come right back (with a little extra).  The second question is probably a “NO” for the fad diet, because your body can’t handle what it has you eating, or it’s just too costly and time consuming. 

We at CrossFit Warrenton have tried just about every one, and have come to the realization that “the Paleo” eating method is the one that makes the most sense, and is the easiest to do.  We might have evolved large amounts metally since our ancestors began walking the earth, but our bodies have not.  Our bodies are designed to work best living off the land, on food sources that are clean and unrefined.  This is exactly what Paleo is about. 

Paleo is all about food quality and what you actually.  No weighing or measuring, and there are plenty of substitutions, for certain ingredients, so that you can still enjoy many of the same foods.  Now don’t get me wrong, but for a ridiculously busy person who doesn’t have time to schedule their meals, Paleo is the simplest form of eating plan.  Also, it is designed as a lifestly change, meaning you can do it for the rest of your life without much thought.  Now, that’s my kind of plan. 

Here are some helpful links to get you started.  I have added the Barry Sears (Zone) link because for those with ample time weighing and measuring is the hands down best method.  I just advise you to cut out the carbs and replace them with fat and protein. 

ROBB WOLF (the Paleo Solution)

Dallas & Melissa (the whole 9 Life) 

Dr. Barry Sears (the Zone Diet)