CrossFit blew the doors off the old way of thinking about fitness and health for me. It is a fitness platform that can be molded and tailored to ANYONE’s fitness goals. From soccer moms, to law enforcement/ military/ fire fighters, and even elite athletes. CrossFit works for EVERYONE.

The workouts themselves keep you guessing and intrigued with the huge variety in movements, lifts, and skills. The group atmosphere of the gym is another perk to CrossFit that you wont find anywhere else. The format of CrossFit presents itself as more of a sport than a workout regimen (you compete against yourself), and with that comes the teamwork and support of your fellow CrossFitters. You also will have 1 and sometimes 2 trainers working with you on a personal level EVERY day. The biggest reward in my opinion is the all encompassing approach to health and well being (ie. the incorporation of a diet plan along with CrossFit). The Paleo diet along with the CrossFit platform will literally supercharge your goals, performance, and life as a whole. And when you make a commitment to take good care of yourself, everything else in your life tends to fall into place.

All in all, I can honestly say that stumbling into CrossFit on my fitness journey is one of the most influential “things” that have ever happened to me. It has had such an enormous impact on my life as a whole and I look forward to reaching new heights and also teaching everything Ive learned to my children one day.

Try it for 30 days…you’ll never think about fitness the same way again.

- Jacob McNemar

Before joining Crossfit Warrenton, I participated in sports all my life and had been going to the gym religiously for the previous 9 years.   I thought I was in good shape, and then I had my first experience at Crossfit Warrenton and realized within the first 5 minutes(maybe less) that after all those years at a regular gym I was still not in all around good shape.  After the first few weeks I was noticing immediate results.  I had been improving on muscles I had never used or worked before by working out by myself.  My friends even had noticed improvements on my agility and balance after just a few months in the gym.   At Crossfit Warrenton we have a very cohesive group of people.   I look forward to going to Crossfit every day not only for the workout, but to see the friends I have gained by going.  It is definitely addicting and after going for a while it is hard to miss a day!  I have had type 1 diabetes for ten years now, and going to Crossfit has definitely made a huge difference in my blood sugar levels and health.   When following the Paleo diet closely(Crossfit recommended), and doing the workouts,  I have had to significantly decrease my insulin intake to almost nothing.  I highly recommend Crossfit Warrenton to anyone who is looking to get in great shape!

- Chris Concepcion

For some people, going to the gym is a weekly chore. For me, working out at CrossFit Warrenton is something I look forward to. The coaches are amazing and work with you where you’re at , and the workouts push you and challenge you. I’ve learned so much and see good results. It’s awesome!

- Hannah

As a mother of 4 and a 40 something year old woman, it is very difficult to find the time to workout or so I thought until I tried Crossfit.  Fitting Crossfit workouts everyday into my busy schedule has been easy, because of the convenient times and location.

Crossfit has changed the way I view working out in the fact that I used to believe that workouts had to be long and grueling.  After doing Crossfit for almost two years now, I know that mixing your workouts and never knowing what to expect leaves you wanting more and ready to come back for the next one.

Before joining Crossfit, I felt very tired and low on energy, but now I can honestly say that I have a ton of energy and having a large family requires that!

As trainers, Justin and Crystal are awesome!  They are very encouraging and supportive.  They will work with you so that you can meet and exceed your goals and reach new ones!

Crossfit didn’t just change one aspect of my life, it changed my life completely!  The way I look, the way I feel, the way I eat; it has all changed for the better!

Thanks, Crossfit!

- Marla Thompson

I am a 41 year old mother of 3. And a former college runner, road racer and marathoner (well I ran 2 anyway). So I was pretty healthy and pretty fit all my life. Two years after my third child was born I started having serious trouble controlling my weight. I had never had trouble before and it was very frustrating. I tried everything and nothing was working. I discovered Crossfit through a health fair at my work. It looked fun and it looked tough, my kind of thing, so I decided to try it. I dragged my friend along with me and we gave it a try. After the first workout we could barely walk to our cars. It was the hardest, toughest workout I had ever done, and it felt great. I was hooked. It is competitive and fun and the trainers make you want to push yourself harder and harder each workout. And it works. I started to transform my body back to the fitter, more lean and more toned version of my former self. I had muscles again. Crossfit is the most fun and hardest workout you will do. I highly recommend it. Especially if you have tried other things that have failed. Crossfit does work and it is not like anything you have done before. It is a blast!

- Deb

Crossfit has completely changed the way I will work out for the rest of my life.  I have played sports my whole life so I have done everything from normal weight training to speed and conditioning training but nothing I have ever done has compared to Crossfit.  Normal weight training got very repetitive and boring for me so I started to work out less but with Crossfit it is something different everyday so it keeps your body guessing.  Crossfit is everything rolled into one from weight lifting, conditioning, and to flexibility.  It is the best pure workout I have ever done and it leaves you completely exhausted after every workout. Crossfit also brings out my competitive side in me by competing against my old times and against the other people in the gym.  Working out with the same people all the time has been a lot of fun pushing each other to our limits and being able to see people reach their goals.  Even while going to school I find time to get my workouts in because they are so short but I get as good of a workout in 20 minutes as I would with an hour of lifting in the past.  I have been in the best shape of my life while doing Crossfit regularly and following the Paleo diet that can go along with it.  I am so happy that I was able to find Crossfit Warrenton with its two great coaches who always keep everyone laughing.  I only do Crossfit workouts now because they are truly the hardest workouts I have ever done and they have gotten the best results I have ever had.

- Jim Monk

I’ve spent my most of my adult life going to gyms of some sort.  And over the years nothing really changed.  The weight I was lifting never increased, my weight stayed the same.  I was introduced to Crossfit by a co-worker and thought it looked like the type of workout for me, but I was unable to do many of the exercises at the weights prescribed or even some of the body weight exersices without assistance.  I found a local affiliate and one WOD  was all I needed to be hooked.  The amount of weight I can move has increased significantly.  My weight and body fat had gone down and my eatting habits actually got better.  I may not be any faster, but I definately feel better.

CrossFit has completely changed my perspective on working out. Never again will I spend an hour on the treadmill. CrossFit keeps you interested with ever-changing routines that target muscles in a much different, but much more natural way than the typical machines at the gym. No time is wasted at CrossFit and you quickly see improvements in your personal strength.

- Loren

I came to CrossFit about 10 months ago as a burned out runner with repeated inuries. As a former cardio junkie, CrossFit has not only pushed me to do things I never thought I could, but kept me in shape enough to continue running races without the mileage that was casing my injuries.

- Johnson

My husband introduced me to CrossFit. I have only tried CrossFit for two months now; and yet in that short amount of time, I have learned so much and could see progress in body strength. CrossFit has shown me that I can be stronger and successfully face physical challenges that I was not sure I could attempt, let alone accomplish. It has definitely been a confidence booster in that regard.

The instructors are experts at what they do and awesome in providing encouragement at your level of ability. They are careful in maintaining the balance of pushing you on to the next level but yet not over-taxing your body beyond what it is capable of safely handling. Working out at a gym is just not the same; it does not provide the same type of camaraderie and one-on-one instruction as is found in CrossFit. At CrossFit you have lots of moral support from the instructors and fellow participants. It’s definitely not your usual exercise program. If you really want to progress and move towards a healthier, stronger body then I’d heartily recommend it.

- Debbie

I had seen Crossfit on internet and read about all its benefits from multiple mediums but as a big girl I didn’t think I could do it.  I decided to try just on a whim and it was great.  It was always challenging but modified for my needs.  This meant it was challenging for each person in the class based on their fitness level and issues or injuries.  I was really sold when I brought my husband and 3 teenage children.  All 5 of us could really enjoy it and spend quality time being both competitive and motivating for each other.  It was not often that my whole family could be active and really bond.  Crossfit has changed how we interact with each other.  It has also really helped me with my barn chores.  I live on a small farm and I find myself being better equipped to handle the lifting, turning, and moving required caring for and being around animals.

Crossfit has made my whole family healthier and happier.

- Sarah

I finally joined Crossfit of Warrenton and I am glad I took the plunge.. Crystal is awesome and on top of everything!! She is incredibly amazing in keeping up with everyone and making sure you are doing the exercises correctly. It is a good atmosphere, and a very well equipped gym.. Oh.. and the workouts! Amazing! After my workouts I am sore in muscles that I did not know existed.. Impossible to get bored since workouts change daily.. Totally worth the investment.

- Dalie